Trinity Organization Tasks

1. To Govern by Overseeing
2. To Give by Serving
3. To Pray by Divine Guidance

Our History

Deeply moved in the year of 1997, the Holy Spirit was instrumental in drawing the attention to the need of Wayne L. Rollen to begin a private school that would focus on ethical and moral Christian values and teaching the four core principles of academics: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Motivated by his undertaking, Wayne saw a grave decline in the public education process with our African American children and a downfall of the Black culture, he felt the need for helping a generation in distress. Until recent years, the vision rekindled; working together primarily as a volunteer established board in 2012, we began meeting and promoting the ideals of Trinity Preparatory Academy. Board members have maintained steadfast for the benefit of the children. We continue to thank God for the vision, passion, and determination of Mr. Rollen and we pray for his continued blessing on this new found academy of excellence and it’s members.

Our Mission

Is to teach the principles of Christion love through the educational process to every student, regardless of resource can pursue excellence in their Devine purpose.

Our Purpose

A faith based school where every child can learn based on there unique learning style, There by ensuring forever success.
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